8-Point Buyer Plan

The Perna Team and RCC present an 8 point Buyer Plan, encompassing the entire buying process to present to clients and increase your odds of securing their business. This will not only provide clients with all of the information they need to prepare for their home buying journey with you, but it will also show your clients that you are prepared, ready to represent them and their best interest. From the heart of Michigan, The Perna Team closed 940 units in 2022, and had 97 pendings in January alone! This Buyers Plan has worked wonders for this team and it will for you too!

8 Point Buyer Plan


Watch the Full Webinar

Michael Perna, the team owner and leader of The Perna Team, closed 940 units in 2022. In this webinar he opens up his ultimate playbook on building and scaling a real estate organization at an extremely high level. We are going to be diving deep into the exact how of building and scaling: systems, accountability, training, retention, leads, culture, the people, and more. Michael’s personal playbook that has taken him 2 decades to master and he will show you how to build and scale your real estate empire.