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The market has changed- sales are down in nearly every market across the US. Maximizing your efforts is more critical now than ever. How do you do it? Most agents are using outdated lead conversion tactics and they simply aren’t getting results.  Our proven programs have helped thousands of high-performing agents and teams across the country to increase sales and profits- from every lead source. This is the solution your business needs!

Private Team Conversion Coaching

In this private and personalized two-phase program you’ll partner with two expert RCC Conversion Coaches who will develop a strategic program based on your needs, goals and local market conditions to ensure fast and big results for your entire team. After a thorough onboarding call with you and your leadership, we customize our content and launch Phase One to set the foundation and focus on the fundamentals. Our coaches provide highly pertinent training applicable to your specific systems. Phase Two enables us to refine our curriculum and coaching through weekly calls with your leadership team. We'll analyze your metrics and learn more about your evolving market and team dynamics. We also meet weekly with your whole team continuing to perfect their performance, lead follow up and skill. Expect your tracking metrics to improve and conversion and income to skyrocket. In partnership with you, our Private Team program delivers big results for your entire organization. Your agents emerge more skilled and feel energized and empowered as their commissions multiply, while you’ll see a massive return on your online leads investment.
$ 2,500 -10k Monthly
  • 200 - 500% increase in ROI
  • 2 expert conversion coaches specifically trained in online leads and systems
  • Free access to RCC Academy - our exclusive value packed library (scripts, recordings, systems, + more)!
  • Designed for leaders and their teams receiving 40+ online leads per month
  • 12 week customized program delivered in 2 phases:
    Phase One: (Weeks 1-6) One 60 min Virtual Meeting.
    Phase Two: (Weeks 7-12) Two Weekly 30 min Virtual Meetings.
  • Weekly summary report including call recording, homework, and recap
  • Unlimited team members per registration
  • Private setting exclusive to your leadership and team
  • Personal RCC Analytics Advisor provides weekly progress reports measuring your results with customized analysis
  • Expert analysis and ongoing recommendations regarding lead sources and lead flow, based on the team's business goals
  • Expert analysis and coaching customized to the team's CRM and follow-up systems with an emphasis on individual team member performance
  • Ongoing partnership with you to gauge team's results and needs, to ensure success

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$100k ROI in 6 MONTHS 

– RCC Client: Rustan T.

Conversion Increase of 7% to 11%

– RCC Client: Parker P.



– RCC Client: Juliette K.

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