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Craig Reger

Craig Reger has been a key player on the national real estate scene for over 22 years. He is the founder and President of The Reger Group Inc., located in Portland, Oregon which is one of the nation’s top performing and most recognized real estate sales teams having closed over 5000 homes to date. In order to focus his attention on the building and launching of RCC, Craig recently sold his Keller Williams franchises known as “The Reger Network” with over 900 agents doing a combined total of $2 billion in volume and 6000 homes closed and paying out over $50 million in commissions in 2018 alone.

Craig is a highly sought after national real estate business coach, trainer and presenter and is perhaps most commonly known for his curriculum “90 Listings in 90 Days.” Craig’s passion is coaching and mentoring mega agents around the country.

Craig grew up in Beaverton, Oregon and has lived in neighborhoods throughout Portland, currently residing in the West Slope area. He is an avid fly fisherman and can often be found floating his drift boat down one of the local rivers. He is married with two children, Liam and Olivia.

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Annemarie Reger

Annemarie Reger has worked in the world of real estate for 19 years. Together with her husband Craig Reger, she helped build one of the top real estate teams in the country, and still runs it today. She specializes in the operations side of the business including listing and transaction management, database, numbers tracking and financials, hiring, training, goal setting and accountability. She began coaching other top producing agents in 2013 focusing on increasing production and profits, creating leverage and ultimately ensuring her clients hit and exceed their goals. She’s known for her no-nonsense and direct approach that’s always delivered with a smile and maybe a funny one-liner too.

Annemarie enjoys spending time with her husband Craig and their busy teenagers, Liam and Olivia.


Andrea Morrisson

Andrea Morrisson has been actively selling real estate for nearly ten years. Having trained directly with Craig Reger since her early days in the business, Andrea has handled thousands of transactions and worked every role as an agent including Showing Assistant, Lead Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent and Director of Sales. At the height of her sales career she sold 142 homes in a single year utilizing systems and leverage to keep balance. In the last several years, Andrea has transitioned to the Operations side of real estate and is focused on training and coaching others. She’s coached thousands of agents nationwide in how to build and lead a high performing team – specifically working with agents to build successful buyer agent divisions utilizing leverage and the showing agent model.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband Gus and their one year old twin girls, Marley and Aurora.

Josh crop

Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley jumped into real estate in 2008 - a time when most agents were exiting right and left. Focusing on the lead generation and working his database daily, Josh quickly made it to the top 5% of Real Estate Agents in Eugene, Oregon. 10 years later Josh owns and operates a top producing real estate team in Eugene and Keller Williams franchise in Southern Oregon.

Josh’s greatest business passion is coaching and mentoring agents to reach their potential. He specializes in coaching agents in production of 40 closings to over 700 closings per year. From independent agents to team owners Josh coaches his clients to think like champions and win!

Currently living in Eugene, Oregon, Josh enjoys golfing and daily physical training to stay sharp mentally and recharge. He is married to his wife of 13 years, Dana. They welcomed their son Austin into the world in 2018.


Mike Shaw

With over 20 years of Real Estate, Leadership and Coaching experience, Mike brings a diverse set of skills to the coaching and consulting world. Currently, Mike is the top conversion coach for Reger Coaching and Consulting team and is consistently coaching both agents and teams to conversion rates 10-20% across the country. His coaching clients on average, have doubled the national conversion average for various online lead sources.​

Before taking his talents to the national stage, Mike was previously the Lead Trainer & Team Leader for the #1 team in the Midwest and has also been a consistent top producer in his real estate career. He has trained hundreds of agents and leaders, custom built a training library to transform/grow his former brokerage from a team of 15 to a mega-team of over 150 agents and dedicated his career to developing others. Unrivaled amongst teams in the region, Mike coached his agents to an astounding 1.3 billion dollars in sales volume in the last 3 years.

Brian crop

Brian House

Brian was born and raised in the Eugene area to parents in the education field, which shows when coaching and educating clients to help them with real estate goals. He and his wife, Erin, both attended local high schools as well as the University of Oregon before starting a family, now with two young boys.

Prior to real estate, Brian worked as a sales manager and sales consultant with an IT education company that had a mission of continually improving the learning experience of IT Pros. A mission that has shaped Brian as a successful real estate agent and coach. With three years in local real estate, sales exceeding $15m annually, he feels at home helping clients and other agents. His passion for helping others grow and achieve their goals is always at the forefront of what he does.

“The only reasons we don’t have what we want in life are the reasons we create why we can’t have them.” - Tony Robbins

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Chase Craig

A native of Boise, Idaho, Chase has sold real estate in the Treasure Valley since 2005 and has been a part of over 3,500 transactions. In 2011, Chase was named top 30 under 30 by the National Association of Realtors, which embodies over one million members. In 2014, he was named Realtor of the Year and became Boise Regional Realtors youngest Realtor of the Year to date. Chase was a Keller Williams Realty MAPS Coach for over 4 years until he decided to focus more time on building his team.

Chase continues to coach a handful of real estate agents and companies across the United States. In 2021, Chase’s team closed 167 transactions with over 77 million in volume and 2.7 million in gross commission income.


Darcie Vanderzanden

An experienced Real Estate professional and business owner, Darcie Vanderzanden has established herself as an industry leader, leveraging data-driven systems and advocacy to generate results that exceed expectation. Over two decades of mentoring, leadership training and real-life experience founding and managing an ever-expanding, successful company has afforded Darcie perspective, intuition, and skill to provide both insight and practical steps for helping her clients achieve and surpass their goals. As a speaker, consultant and panelists at national events, Darcie infuses real-life stories with deep, practical experience to create conversational connections that are intimate, intensely informative and individually valuable.

A staunch advocate for the community, Darcie actively volunteers herself at the city and state legislature level, ensuring fair housing for all, while establishing the DDG Gives Foundation to help the needs of her community and beyond. In her free time, Darcie loves to travel and spend time with her husband Curt, and their two children, Taylor and John.


Erica Thau

Erica has been a Mega Agent, Instructor, Keller Williams Team Leader and Operating Principal for the past 20 years.

In 2006, Erica and a partner opened a new franchise in Chico with Keller Williams. Within 3 years, that office was the #1 office in volume and units and remained there during her leadership tenure. In her final year before merging to eXp Realty, Erica led a team of agents and owners to close over 1400 units, $450 million in Volume, and $10.8 million in revenue. Her office was #1 in all categories and had over 25% market share in the local market.

Throughout the course of the 15 years of building that business, Erica mastered systems and models to take any Real Estate business to the next level. She has been coached for over 13 years by various coaches and has personally coached over 500 different clients.

Her passion lies with helping mega agents or broker/owners grow large scale teams, understand the power of systems, models and leverage to build a business that allows them to live the life they desire and make the money they deserve.

Erica is married to her husband, Eric, and together they have four children. Erica loves to spend time in Tahoe skiing, mountain biking, and just hanging out with her family. She loves living her life with intention and looks forward to working with you to help you do the same!


Katie DeWitt

Katie entered the industry in 2014 to title and escrow after succeeding at a high level she was hired on as CEO of Keller Williams Eugene. In her first year as CEO she recruited over 100 agents to her company and placed number one for growth and retention in her region within the franchise. Breaking the record for #1 Real Estate office locally, earning the triple crown award for having the highest sales volume, units closed, and agent count. That office remained number 1 over the next 5 years under her leadership, and grew to be ranked third in all of Oregon against 2600+ other offices. In 2016 she launched her own Real Estate office which opened #1 in the local market and has remained #1 five years running.

While building and growing these companies, her priority was coaching the top 20% of the agents into massive wealth and balance. With now 8 years’ experience of leadership, coaching top performers, and investing, the most important takeaway is that she lives a balanced life with her husband and son. Katie pushes hard, so that those around her get to play even harder.


Mat Genuser

Mat has been a dynamic leader in all facets of the real industry for the past 18 years in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley and Portland Metro areas. Most recently serving as CEO for one of the largest real estate franchises in Salem Oregon, Mat’s combined knowledge, experience, passion for helping others brings and invaluable skillset for coaching others to find their true potential to achieve the success they want and deserve.

Mat enjoys coaching agents in various stages of their careers. Understanding agents overarching needs and creating strategies for implementation,
identifying and setting realistic goals, overcoming limiting beliefs and chunking down stretch goals to go from feeling limited to unlimited are a few of his favorite areas of focus. Mat believes it’s all within reach time over task.

When not at work, he loves to travel, is a huge musical theater enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and his Golden Retriever Bravo.


Sean Goerss

Sean is a real estate agent, coach, trainer, speaker, and most recently a Co-Founder of Thrive Network, one of the top organizations at eXp Realty with over 450 agents. Sean was formerly CEO and Founder of 14 Moves, the #13 team in the World with Keller Williams Realty, and #31 Team in the World across all brokerages as ranked by RealTrends.

Sean grew up in real estate, helping to build the family real estate team to top in their market of Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota, and eventually the top team in Minnesota and the Midwest.

Sean has been a member of Gary Keller's Private Mastermind Group, a KW MAPS Coach, and a nationally-booked real estate trainer, and expert advisor and real estate tech. and strategy. Sean has personally studied under some of the most notable coaches in the industry, including Tony DiCello, Abe Shreve, and Dianna Kokoczka.

In its final year before merger with eXp Realty, Sean led a team of agents and owners to close over 646 units for $172 Million in Volume and $4.83 Million revenue.

Sean, his wife, Maren, and their 4 children call Minneapolis, Minnesota home. Sean enjoys time with his family, all things tech, traveling, and building big businesses to fund people's "big why".


Kandis Palmer

Kandis Palmer is the proud founder of Palmer Properties and is notably recognized among the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide. As the two-time recipient of the prestigious 40 Under 40 award, Kandis joins an elite class of professionals leading the Arizona Real Estate community. Kandis combines all the necessary skills of a successful entrepreneur and real estate leader with her warm personality and fun-loving demeanor.

Kandis is a Phoenician of over 20 years with a deep-seated connection to the community. Originally from Oklahoma, she credits the values instilled in her upbringing as being vital to her professional success. Kandis is a highly motivated and deeply passionate person, and when she does anything she puts her whole heart into it. Kandis is an avid golf player and spends her free time with her daughter, Violet.


Sean Keene

With 15 years of real estate success, I bring a hands-on approach to coaching new and emerging real estate agents to reach their full potential and achieve their sales goals. I offer relevant, real life experiences in sales, marketing, and enhancing productivity to help agents build high impact, thriving businesses. My affinity for inspiring, mentoring, and coaching launches agents on a path to career success and fulfillment.

Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, I knew that I always wanted to chart a path in helping people. I obtained my real estate license in January 2007 as the market plunged, and I had to roll up my sleeves to succeed in a low demand business environment. Previously, I served in corrections and law enforcement for 20 years, and resigned in 2016 to pursue my passion for helping people achieve their real estate goals full time. In 2016, my wife and I established The Keen Group, a real estate firm, which merged with The Reger Group in 2021 and became part of Reger Homes, LLC.

Over the years, I have worked closely with people from all walks of life and ages, including some of the best leaders in the industry. This experience, combined with my proven knowledge of running a successful real estate firm, equipped me with valuable insights and keen business acumen. Today, I provide practical tips to agents on how to act professionally, enhance brand visibility and be a productive industry asset.

I have set myself apart as a competent, focused, innovative, and energetic real estate professional intent on building a solid team of successful real estate agents. My team describes my coaching style as laid back but firm, system-based, visionary, and accountability driven. With a proactive and engaging coaching approach, I inspire change, ignite action and deliver immense value to agents seeking to move their real estate businesses to the next level.

I currently reside in West Salem, Oregon, with my family. For over 20 years, I have actively supported the Salem community in various capacities, including coaching the youth sports team in Salem. I am also an active member of the Salem Business association.


Ross Seligman

As a top producing Realtor and team leader for 17 years, Ross also has other interests which are only made possible by an obsession with systems and leverage in his real estate business. Missing the other things you used to love in your life before getting into real estate?? Real estate is a beast that can eat your life up if you don't tame it first! Time to have a coach help you find a way to do it all in a healthy, sustainable way.
That's his passion - figuring out (and coaching!) how to implement the systems to provide top level concierge service to his buyers and sellers through leverage in a scalable way and then using that knowledge and experience to guide his coaching clients.

He always wants to see how far he can go without sacrificing service or more of his own personal time and can help you too. This love of systems also led to his involvement in the creation of Sphere, a CRM and transaction management system created by top agents for top agents.

Originally from the east coast, Ross has called Portland Oregon home for the last 20 years and plans to stay in the NW as long as there are mountains to ski and forests to hike. One of his main inspirations for having systems and leverage in business is to spend as much time with his kids Max and Zoe as possible.


Kelly Chaplin-Dahl

With an emphasis on mindset and self-awareness, Kelly inspires her clients to create and live their own compelling definition of success. With 25+ years in the real estate industry from appraisal, title, salesperson and broker, in several different states, Kelly knows it takes mastering your mindset to persevere and be successful no matter what is happening in the market. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, bring enjoyment back into what you are already doing or searching for balance, she is a master at assisting her clients in creating alignment and peace.


Julie Pollock

Julie is a true professional committed to delivering excellence for every
client. Best known for her hard work, communication skills, and passion for helping others. Having a strong sense of fulfillment resides in her ability to help others grow and achieve their goals.

From new agents to agents who have been in the industry for years , Julie looks forward to helping you make your goals a reality. Meeting you where you are and taking you to your greatest potential. Looking forward to being with you every step of the road.

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. Julie and her Husband Brent welcomed their son Beckham into the world In 2021. While not working Julie and her family love traveling , eating new foods and being outdoors with friends and family.

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