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Your Conversion Comeback

LIVE: Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 @ 11:30 AM PST

Join RCC’s elite, top producing coaches, Josh Cooley and Mike Shaw, as they reveal their groundbreaking strategies of converting online leads at a high level. Learn what conversion ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ in our current market, how old school fundamentals are making a comeback, and the type of mindset and skills necessary to find the opportunities during challenging times. They will share what differentiating skills and characteristics you need to implement now to survive. 

With over 35 years of experience between the two of them, they have guided hundreds of RCC agents and teams to have double the national conversion average for various online lead sources and help them thrive in their respective markets. 

$350 Million in Volume Last Year! 

Meet Parker Pemberton

LIVE: Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 @ 11:30 AM PST

The Pemberton Homes Team sold over 900 homes in 2022, amounting to $350 Million in volume. Parker Pemberton and his father, Steve, launched The Pemberton Homes Team and between the two of them, built one of the most successful real estate organizations in the country, #6 team in all of EXP, and #1 in the state. This father-son duo grew to over 80 team members in just 6 years! 

Join us as Craig Reger, RCC CEO, interviews Parker on just how they built and scaled their business at an exponential rate, how he balances business and life, and what he attributes his continued successes to.

Previous Events

My #1 Listing Strategy for Q1: Canceleds and Expireds.

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January 10th, 2023 11:30 am PST

You’re invited to a live webinar on how to maximize canceled and expired listings and get sellers motivated to list again. This is the #1 way to generate more business right now and start 2023 on the right foot. We call this the ultimate low hanging fruit to win in today’s market. Sharing our exact coaching strategies and principles that have been used by thousands of our coaching members across the country- bringing it to you for free.


#1 Online Lead Conversion Strategy


January 17th, 2023 11:30 am PST


RCC Co-founder Craig Reger and Joe Fox, RCC coaching client and owner of Fox and Fogarty, are coming to you live for an in depth webinar on online lead conversion strategies that work in today’s market. Learn how to maximize your online lead conversion at an extremely high level. This is the #1 way to convert more business derived from online lead sources right now. We call this the #1 online lead conversion strategy for 2023.



Ultimate Building and Scaling Playbook


Michael Perna from Detroit, Michigan had 97 pendings in January alone! Next Tuesday, he’s opening up his ultimate, personal playbook that’s taken him 20 years to develop, to show you exactly how to grow your real estate business exponentially. Attend this free upcoming webinar with Michael and dominate the rest of 2023!



September 27th: Virtual Event: Get Paid Today! How RCC Clients are Dominating…. 10-11am PST LIVE event with our elite real estate coaches.

Click here to register.


June 2nd: Seattle, WA: 5 Steps to $100 Million. 1-4pm LIVE event with speaker Craig Reger.

Register for 5 Steps to $100 Million here.


August 2nd: Virtual Zoom: Virtual Mastermind. 11am-12pm LIVE event with speaker Josh Cooley and coaches.

This is an exclusive mastermind for current RCC clients and their team members. You may also invite one additional guest.


August 30th: Virtual Zoom: 5 Proven Fundamentals for RIGHT NOW. 10-11am PST LIVE event with our elite real estate coaches.