A New Market Requires a New Approach


Our world is changing at a break-neck speed and top producers know it’s more critical than ever to have a strategic and nimble business plan. This series delivers the practical tools and strategies you need to create your own customized “playbook.” Whether you are newly licensed or at the top of your MLS , this class will help you rediscover your Big Why, crystalize your vision, create a winning strategy, and implement effective processes with the best people by your side. Like any professional sports team, you’ll be ready to run your plays to win, and have the tools to make smart adjustments along the way. It’s time to make your vision a reality!


Led by the industry’s most experienced and effective coaches, who closed a combined total of over $1Billion in sales volume last year, this online class is highly interactive, and value-packed. It’s time to make your vision a reality and jumpstart your business to set up your best year yet!



  • October 24th - November 4th
  • 11 am - 12 pm PST
  • Variety of topics over 10 classes

class's topic schedule above...



Chase Craig

  • Owns & operates a top producing mega team
  • Sold over 3,500 homes to date
  • Named top 30 under 30 by NAR
  • Actively selling real estate TODAY
  • Nationally recognized business coach & instructor of RCC's 'GRIT'

Craig Reger

  • Owner & Founder of 'The Reger Group' a top producing real estate team in Oregon
  • Nationally recognized business coach and founder of Reger Coaching & Consulting
  • As previous KW franchise owner, led agents to close over $2 billion in sales volume a year
  • Nearly 3 decades in the industry, closing over 5,000 homes to date
  • Creator of the trend-setting coaching class "90 Listings in 90 Days"
Andrea Morrisson
  • Sold 142 homes in one year as a team member
  • Thousands of transactions closed through 12+ years in the industry
  • Over 7 years of real estate coaching experience with an emphasis on efficient and effective business operations
  • Experience as the Managing Broker, Director of Sales & Operations at 'The Reger Group'

Darcie VanderZanden

  • Over 2 decades of mentoring and leadership experience 
  • Owns & runs a top producing real estate team as a referral based business
  • Specializes in relationship building and maximizing database business

Bernadette Hurley

  • Top 1% of Real Estate agents in the Houston, TX market
  • Team produces $50 million annually
  • Experience in sales, lead generation, team building, database, working with builders, management, and leadership coaching

Amanda Ashby

  • Top agent on Craig Reger's personal sales team 'The Reger Group' closing $50 million in sales volume annually
  • Actively utilizing systems and leverage to create a big business as a team member
  • Coaches teams and individuals on maximizing conversion of online leads

Annemarie Reger

  • Co-owner of 'The Reger Group'
  • Specializes in operations: listings, database, number tracking, training, goal setting, and accountability in real estate teams 
  • 10 years of coaching experience with an emphasis on client care, efficient and scalable operations and high achieving accountability
Erica Thau
  • As a team leader, led her agents to #1 in all categories with over 25% market share in the local market
  • Led her agents to close over 1400 homes and $450 million in sales volume in a single year.
  • Over 13 years as a coach specializing in running a profitable real estate business
  • Passionate in helping mega agents and broker/owners grow large scale teams with systems, models and leverage.

Josh Cooley

  • Top 5% of agents in Eugene, OR
  • Owns and operates a top producing real estate team in Oregon
  • Coaches agents closing 40 to 700 homes per year, whether independent or large teams - helping each to think like champions and win
  • Head coach at Reger Coaching & Consulting






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