3 Areas of Success

Are you ready for the secret sauce? Presenting to you.. the Business Pyramid of Success!

There are 3 key areas to focus in on that will lead to ultimate success:

Mindset: Focus, Opportunity, Winning, Affirmations, Energy, Passion

Skill/Knowledge: Scripts, Market, Conversion, Neighborhoods

Activities: Time Blocking, Lead Gen, Utilizing Systems, Prioritization

When you focus on a positive and healthy mindset, combined with dedication to the activities and always pushing to further develop your skill… you will obtain success in business!

Simple Steps to WIN with the Pyramid of Business:

  1. Rate yourself on the above pyramid in each area: Mindset, Skill, Activity.
  2. Write down 1-2 ways you can improve your score in each of the 3 areas.
  3. Work those ways into your schedule each day.

It’s not always easy, but the recipe is simple, and by taking the time to discover what you need to get to the next level and implementing those discoveries you will achieve ultimate success!

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