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Systematically and consistently stay in touch with your database.

While we hope you are systematically and consistently staying in touch with your database (sphere, past clients, current clients and leads), what to send or say can sometimes feel challenging. Well, we did the hard work for you! Simply switch out the info below with your local stats/information and you have a message that will immediately attract listings to you. As you start to hear in the media that home sales are slowing, keep in mind that doesn’t mean you’ve lost all the equity you’ve built through years of owning. Houses are still selling! And sellers are still making a ton of…

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Don’t be attached to the outcome. Be committed to the outcome.

We work so hard for our clients – but is that hard work focused on providing them with the best real estate experience and expertise for them? Or, do we wind up emotionally involved in transactions and stressing over every turn? Our friend, Chris Heller, asks the question “are you attached to the outcome or committed to the outcome?” When you are attached to the outcome, you are simply not providing your clients with the logical real estate expertise they need and deserve. Instead, focus on being committed to the outcome. Be committed to providing your client with the expertise…

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Share the “Tale of Two Markets” with your clients and the opportunities within them.

Is your market changing? Is the answer to that question a little more complicated than a simple yes or no? What we are hearing, seeing and experiencing in most cities around the country is what can best be described as “A Tale of Two Markets.” Market #1: Great homes, priced well are still getting multiple offers and selling far above list price. The market is still hot – buyers are still competing and sellers are still getting those above list, great terms offers! Market #2: Home seems good, priced within reason but does not get multiple offers, does not sell…

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