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Get Back to Work!

This week RCC leadership attended INMAN Connect in NYC and got to meet with industry leaders and some of our coaching members.  A common theme emerged from all the speakers- plug in and get back to work.  What does this mean? Lead generation, follow up and nurturing leads and clients to conversion are critical to surviving the massive shift in the market.  Networking with other real estate professionals, attending conferences and learning events and really being at the top of your game will differentiate the agents and teams who not only survive, but grow and thrive. This week- study your daily systems in…

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Webinar: My #1 Online Lead Conversion Strategy!

  RCC Co-founder Craig Reger and Joe Fox, RCC coaching client and owner of Fox and Fogarty, are coming to you live for an in depth webinar on online lead conversion strategies that work in today’s market. RCC is a nationwide, personalized coaching service designed for agents committed to taking their business to the highest level. Learn more about our Zillow Conversion coaching programs here:

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