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Unfiltered with Ryan Lee

We had an amazing Icon Interview with Ryan Lee! Top Takeaways Are you a we or me person? Do we meet YOUR mission as much as you meet OURS? What is Goal Stacking? A great goal is like a rubber band. You have to stretch a little bit. You are never weak by asking for help. Hear more about these and what Ryan means by watching the interview below

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The Key’s to Follow Up!

The number one question we get asked:  When and how often should I follow up with a lead? If only there were a simple answer… but there isn’t. Follow up timing is based on MANY things. Real estate IQ. This is simply using your best judgement, experience and real estate common sense to come up with what to do. For instance, if they are looking to buy/sell in the next month or two – follow up daily to get that appointment and cement that relationship. If they are looking to buy/sell next year – monthly would be best until you either approach the…

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Do you know your ABC’s?

It’s time for some ABC’s  Below are RCC’s definitions of A, B and C clients. A- Clients take your advice (make strong competitive offers as buyers, price well as sellers. ) B- Clients mantra is if it’s meant to be (They stay comfortable and just want to see what happens) C- Plain and simple – they aren’t motivated. Now for the ABCD’s of your pitch! I know, I know – so many ABC’s to keep track of. These are good though! This is the outline of every conversation with a lead to advance them to the next level with you and determine their motivation – you know,…

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