A, B, and C Leads

Real estate sales nationwide are down. Whether you historically sell 12 homes a year or 100 homes a year, less sales means less income. Your priorities matter more now then ever. It is critical that you are using your time and resources on the leads that are most likely to result in a sale, while still keeping track of leads that may have potential in the future.

Try prioritizing your pipeline by labeling them as either “A,B, or C” leads:

= Takes your advice and have expressed a strong interest in a property or have a pressing need to buy or sell.

B = “If it’s meant to be” : These have shown some interest in a property or in working with a real estate agent, but may need more nurturing before they are ready to commit.

= Not motivated or have shown little to no interest in a property but may still have potential value in the future.

The only way to find “A” leads is to look for A, B and C leads every single day. B’s and C’s will eventually turn into ‘A’ clients. It is your responsibility to nurture them until they are ready to buy/sell…or someone else will.

Avoid these common mistakes: 

  • Relying on the ‘A’ clients to bring you now business and neglect the ‘B” and ‘C’ leads that require nurturing to turn into your next ‘A’ client.
  • Misjudging a lead as a A, B, or C. It is critical to gauge the level of motivation your client has in order to determine how much time and effort you are putting into them.

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