‘A’ Level Service

In an industry where client relationships are at the heart of our business, it’s crucial to make strategic decisions about where we invest our time and resources. One such decision revolves around how we allocate our top-tier services among our clients.

Do not give A service to B and C clients!
Here is a refresher on what A,B,C clients are. A: Takes your advice and have expressed a strong interest in a property or have a pressing need to buy or sell. B: “If it’s meant to be”, may need more nurturing before they are ready to commit. C: Not motivated but may still have potential value in the future.

Providing top-tier service to clients who genuinely need it and are committed to the process is both ethical and professional. Allocating more time and resources to ‘A’ clients can result in more closings and more rewarding experiences for both you and the clients. Focusing on ‘B’ or ‘C’ clients who may not be as committed can lead to wasted resources and lower overall productivity. This is not to say to not serve these clients, but instead of putting them in the car and a sign in their yard, continue nurturing them till they are an ‘A’. Allocate your time and efforts into finding more clients and focusing on the A’s.

In essence, by recognizing the value of ‘A’ clients and consistently delivering top-tier service to them, we not only cultivate a thriving real estate business but also nurture trust, loyalty, and positive referrals – all pivotal factors for long-term success in our industry.

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