Adjust Your Game Plan

With less than 4 months remaining in 2023, the year is quickly drawing to a close. It’s time to check in and take a moment to reflect on the goals you set back in January of this year. Take stock of your progress thus far and begin crafting a strategic plan to ensure you achieve everything you aimed for before the arrival of 2024.

  • Start by revisiting the goals you set at the beginning of the year. These goals could include metrics like the number of properties sold, income targets, lead generation goals, or professional development objectives. Evaluate how much progress you’ve made toward each goal. Use specific metrics and data whenever possible to measure your achievements objectively. Compare your current status with where you expected to be at this point.
  • Once you have identified how far you have come to hitting your 2023 goals, highlight the strategies, activities, or approaches that have been successful in helping you reach said goals. These could include effective marketing techniques, lead generation methods, time-blocks, or certain efforts in the development of client relationships.

Reflect and Adapt: If there is a major discrepancy between where you actually at now vs. where you thought you’d be by this time, identify any roadblocks, challenges, or obstacles that have hindered your progress. This could be a lack of leads, challenges converting these leads, difficulty in closing deals, or any other issues affecting your performance. Maybe your priorities weren’t where they should have been…or maybe you need to rethink where/how you spend your time. There is a solution to everything, now is the time reflect, adjust, and game plan.

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