Adjusting is Crucial

Is the market changing? YES. But are buyers still buying and sellers still selling? YES. In order to maintain a consistent and successful business in this market, agents will need to adjust their work ethic and double down.

What does adjusting to the market look like?
It means pushing prospecting and follow up to the forefront of your schedule, making time to make the calls, and then adding in more time if necessary till you hit your goals.

In a shifting market where sellers used to see their neighbor sell in 3 days with 10 offers for $100k over asking all cash and you now have to tell them their house is worth less, it may take more time to sell and isn’t so likely to get that no contingency offer… that’s challenging! But what’s more challenging is agreeing with them and essentially letting them down later when what they expected doesn’t happen.

Client’s hire you to be the expert they need you to assist them in buying and selling. In choosing real estate as your profession it is crucial to know there are shifting markets and being an expert, delivering the data with expert explanation, and assisting clients in the best way to hit their goals is what you are hired to do.
Remember what you do today produces results 30-90 days from now, if you wait till the end of the summer to start you’ll already be behind.

Don’t take your foot off the gas – do take personal time over the summer as balance is important, but losing an entire week or month of business to theholidays will not create momentum and success for the second half of 2023.
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