Do you do affirmations? The answer is yes. Though you may not do the ones you know we are about to talk about (“I’m a great sales person!”) you most certainly do affirmations daily. Unfortunately, for many of us, the affirmations we do regularly are negative.

“I’m terrible at xxx”
“There’s no way I could sell xxx”
“I’ll never be able to wear xxx.”

Both in business and life affirmations constantly run through our brains and even out of our mouths.

What does that do to us?
Do you believe them?
Does your subconscious believe them?

It’s not enough to just stop saying the negative affirmations – we have to replace the negative affirmations with positive ones.

“I’m excited to do xxx and I’m amazing at it!”
“I sell xxx homes a month and my clients love and appreciate me!”
“I’m a healthy and fit person!”


  1. Write down 2 or 3 things you wish you had more of or would like to see improvement on in your life (money, escrows, vacations, health, etc.)
  2. Write down one affirmation for each of those.
  3. Say them out loud every single day.
  4. Reflect on what changes occur… you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish with some clarity and positive energy!

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