Are They Really An “A” Client?

Reality Check: Are the clients you are working with REALLY ‘A’ clients or do you just really need them to be?

Determining this will only help you, not hurt you. There are ‘A’ clients in every market, you just might be spending all of your time with actual ‘Bs’ and ‘Cs’.
Here are a few characteristics that can help identify an “A” client:

  1. Takes your advice: They are serious and motivated to transact. They are willing to step up (within their capabilities) to compete and win in multiple offers. As sellers, they listen to your pricing strategy and choose to follow your advice. Although they may not always like what they hear, they are motivated to buy or sell and thus take your advice on how to accomplish that.
  2. Serious intent and motivation: Look for clients who demonstrate a genuine interest in buying or selling real estate. They express clear intentions and motivations, showing that they are committed to the process and actively seeking opportunities.
  3. Good communication and responsiveness: An “A” client values effective communication and is responsive to your inquiries and suggestions. They understand the importance of prompt communication and are actively engaged in the buying or selling process.

It’s crucial to assess each client individually and consider how well they align with your business goals and values.

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