Are you an “Easy Button” for your clients?

The day and age of sit down consults and meetings has changed. Not only due to the pandemic and the push to go virtual in all aspects over the last year, but also because people simply don’t want to wait to be asked a bunch of questions. The push for agents to adapt to the changing times continues.
Think about it  – when you order an Uber do they make you wait forever? Ask you tons of questions before picking you up? Or do they show up within minutes and take you where you want to go with comfort and ease?
Consumers want that easy button. Whether it’s with a transportation service or finding their next home.
The simple fact is– sellers want to net the most money with the least amount of hassle and buyers want to save the most money with the least amount of hassle.
As agents – let’s give our consumers the “easy button”
Competition in this industry is higher than ever. There are literally more licensed agents in the country than homes for sale! You HAVE to set yourself apart.

Action item: Spend some time coming up with an “elevator pitch” think quick, easy and to the point. Out of all the agents in your city… Why should a buyer or seller work with you?
Can you articulate this flawlessly?
Does your pitch match what buyers and sellers are looking for?

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