Selling homes in today’s market takes a different approach than it has in the last few years. As the market cools agents need to get back in the habit of having real estate conversations and seeking out buyers and sellers as they no longer fall in your lap at the pace they had been.

What to do:

  • Lead generation
  • Open houses
  • Cancelled/Expireds
  • FSBO’s

Lead follow up & database management:

  • Add all leads into your database and consistently stay in touch till they are ready to transact.
  • Check in with past clients. You’ve likely sold tons of homes in the last few years, how frequently have you communicated with them? Let’s get consistent!
  • Utilize current relationships to talk about opportunities of the market vs complaining about the market.


  • New leads: Be a neighborhood and real estate expert, know your numbers and mirror & match your audience. Follow up consistently to secure the business.
  • Past clients: Share how much money they’ve made on their investment  – make them feel good about the decision they made to buy 1, 2, 5+ years ago.
  • Luxury clients: Jumbo loans have a lower interest rate than conforming loans. This is extremely abnormal and a huge opportunity for anyone (past clients, leads, sphere) looking to get into the luxury market.

All of the above are basic fundamentals of a real estate business. It doesn’t sound flashy and exciting because it’s not … but it is what will make you successful in any market.

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