Be the “easy button” for your clients.

In this day and age the expectations from a consumer, in any industry, is simply the “easy button.” So how in real estate can we be the “easy button” to secure more great clients?

What does the “easy button” mean? Amazon and Uber are perfect examples. Simple clicks, fast responses and a no nonsense approach.

Uber: They don’t call you and ask a bunch of questions about you, your friends that will be in the car, etc. They just show up and take you where you want to go.

Amazon: You find the item, click “buy now” and it shows up the next day!

Both of these companies are performing with the “easy button” taken to heart and consumers love it.

How can we, as real estate agents, do the same?
Show up. When a new lead or client wants to see a house – schedule it and show it. Did you know that clients are 3 times more likely to work with you if you meet them in person? So let that be goal #1.

Now, we all know there are SO MANY questions to ask; “Are you approved? What are you looking for in a house? Why are you buying/selling? What is your timeline? The list goes on.
But most importantly we need to focus on what the consumer wants. They want to see the house, they want an easy button. So show up and show the house. Beyond that, practice your scripts. How do you fit the important conversations into an easy, practiced, and well flowing conversation? Identify the key points and practice. Those key points should be based around location and motivation.

“Are there any additional homes in the area you want to see?”
This question provides value – they can easily see the other homes they may have interest in, or you can find them other homes and show them while you are out with them.

“What is it that caught your eye about this particular home?” This question naturally leads to discovering motivation. Whether their answer to the question is ‘the neighborhood,’ because that’s where their kids are going to school, or ‘the 5 bedrooms’ because twins are on the way, you will easily know what their motivation is.

By following the above you will convert more motivated clients quicker and establish an easier way of business for not only clients, but yourself as well.

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