Buckle Down

What is your market doing, how is your business specifically, and what is your focus?
It’s Q4 – and most of the efforts you do (or don’t do) now will shape 2023- yes, we know about 10-day close, cash buyers.. but that aside, most business opportunities you seek now will be 2023 paychecks. You need to seek out leads (lead gen), sift through to find the motivated (lead follow up) guide them through the buying or selling process, get into escrow and close, throw in a few holidays and that’s a 60–90-day process at best.
But the market is “different” how do we control what 2023 will even look like?


Are you buckling down, putting in the work and pushing for results? This may mean doing 2x, 3x, 10x more to hit your goal. What are you committed to? Doing activities or achieving results?

Steps to Success:

  1. Know your market. Study your numbers daily and interpret & share them with leads, clients, and your database. We pull Portland’s numbers weekly (see chart above) – this week over last year we are seeing pending sales down by 40%, 495 homes sold last week compared to 827 this same week in 2021. If we didn’t pull these numbers and review, what story would we tell ourselves?  That the market is “slower” that homes are “sitting longer” that we’ve hit “seasonality” …NONE of those vague answers help anyone. How about:
    1. 495 homes sold last week, that’s 990 parties buying or selling (two parties per escrow) – how many was I part of?
    2. The market is down 40%, is my business down 40%? More? Less?
    3. How much more lead generation do I need to do to make up the gap and still achieve my goals?
    4. The market is missing 332 sales this week compared to this SAME WEEK a year ago – must not be seasonality yet… will it get worse?
  2. Review & make a plan. Once you know what is going on (numbers give true clarity) make a plan to fix the result. As shared above this may mean doing 2x, 3x, 10x more in order to get the same result you would have a year ago. Decide.. are you committed to an activity or a result? (Hint! Results are how you survive, results = money).
  3. Execute the plan – do the activities and evaluate the results. Not hitting the results you need? Adjust and do more.
  4. See the opportunity. Pendings are down 40% – but 495 houses sold last week, 990 parties bought or sold a home last week alone – you can have as much of that as you want.

What are you telling yourself and what is the real story? How important to you is it that you make or keep real estate as a career vs a hobby? Do you have the motivation, accountability and systems to succeed? Do you need a coach to help you get there (and stay there)? RCC is committed to client success throughout any market. Contact us, for a free coaching call today.
Not ready for a coach but looking for more guidance on how to make the most of the rest of 2022 and set up a powerful 2023? Join us for our upcoming course Vision to Reality, learn more here.

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