Building and Scaling

Question: Wouldn’t scaling my real estate business mean countless hours on the clock, added stress and never-ending fires? 

Answer: No. It actually gets easier.

When you first enter corporate America, you are paid in direct proportion to how many minutes you put into the job. As you climb the ladder, it is no longer about the minutes, it is about the solutions that you provide. The same is true for building a real estate organization.

This past week, Michael Perna, whose team had 97 pendings in January alone, hosted an epic webinar with RCC’s CEO and co-founder, Craig Reger, to discuss the exact ‘how’ of building and scaling: systems, accountability, training, retention, leads, culture, the people, and more. 

To learn how Michael managed to build a real estate empire, all while making his life 10x more efficient, watch the full webinar here

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