Do you know your ABC’s?

It’s time for some ABC’s 

Below are RCC’s definitions of A, B and C clients.

A- Clients take your advice (make strong competitive offers as buyers, price well as sellers. )
B- Clients mantra is if it’s meant to be (They stay comfortable and just want to see what happens)
C- Plain and simple – they aren’t motivated.

Now for the ABCD’s of your pitch!

I know, I know – so many ABC’s to keep track of. These are good though! This is the outline of every conversation with a lead to advance them to the next level with you and determine their motivation – you know, the ABC’s above.

A- Assume the close, assume that they are going to work with you.
B-Benefit of working with you, what is the benefit to them of working with you?
C- Choice, the choice you give is yes or yes.
D- Direct Command, control the conversation and the next steps. Set the appointment.

This  hard closing pitch will make your life easier, if there is hesitation you simply handle the objection or clarify further as needed  – but in this market, there is no playing around for client or agent. So being direct and setting expectations is the name of the game.

In today’s crazy market it is crucial that we make the most of every relationship that we have and make the most of our time as things are flying off the streets per say. The saying “time is money” has never rang so true. Remember your ABC’s and make the most of your time.

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