Don’t be attached to the outcome. Be committed to the outcome.

We work so hard for our clients – but is that hard work focused on providing them with the best real estate experience and expertise for them? Or, do we wind up emotionally involved in transactions and stressing over every turn?

Our friend, Chris Heller, asks the question “are you attached to the outcome or committed to the outcome?”

When you are attached to the outcome, you are simply not providing your clients with the logical real estate expertise they need and deserve. Instead, focus on being committed to the outcome. Be committed to providing your client with the expertise and guidance they need. And keep yourself emotionally out of it so you don’t hit burn out.

You are the expert, the surgeon in your field. Be that. Be committed to doing everything you can to get your client the outcome they want, need and deserve…but also be the level headed expert they need to assist them in navigating through this process instead of letting emotions take over. When you are no longer attached to the outcome, you can give your recommendations and advice to your client and then be at peace, whether they take your advice or not. As agents we give so much energy to our clients advising them, but then we give even more energy stressing and complaining when a client doesn’t take that advice. This is a huge waste of our energy and that takes our focus and ability away from finding and servicing more clients, ones who may actually take our advice.

Pro Tip: It is MUCH easier to stay committed and unattached to the outcome when you have 10 or 15 escrows. If you just have 1-2, becoming attached can easily happen, because you are so attached to the outcome – that’s the paycheck you need for rent, to put food on the table or pay off your credit card this month. So create business, service your clients with care and expertise and remain committed to the outcome of each without letting yourself attach and you will create a big business and life as you focus on being what your clients need and keep the attachment out.

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