Gold Bars


So often real estate “scripts” are centered around asking for something-
do you want to buy, sell, invest.. do you know anyone who…

What if, instead of asking for something- we give them an item of value,
Gold Bar!

I know we haven’t spoken in a while and:

  • I just found a great home that fits your criteria, they lowered the price xx yesterday..
  • I just wanted to share rates are xx% lower today than when we last spoke in November…
  • last month I averaged my buyers xx under asking, if I could find you a similar opportunity…
  • last month I convinced 3 sellers to cover my buyers closings…
  • from researching the market I identified that the xx neighborhood has an abundance of homes for sale in your price range… lets go and get you a great home and great price!
  • I just hung up with your lender and she shared with a rate buy down you can get around 5.5% today fixed, I can likely get the seller to cover…
  • local builders are now offering free upgrades, rate buy downs, and are often covering buyers..

Challenge yourself to hand out 10 Gold Bars tomorrow to old leads and we will make you a bet that some will quickly re-engage!

Are you or your team struggling with providing Gold Bars? We can help!
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