Gold Bars

As RCC coach, Chase Craig said in this video, you must make the switch from asking for $$ to offering value: gold bars.

So how can you give gold bars?

1. Find value. Real estate is exciting, people want to hear about it – better yet, they want to hear how they can benefit from it. Study your market and find the opportunities. The below is a graph of Portland MLS numbers year over year. There are some clear differences this year over last year worth sharing…

2. Share the opportunity. Call your leads, clients you’ve lost touched with – or anyone who could use some value and SHARE what you found, and how it is of value to them… ask if they are interested in the value, ask if they want the gold bar!


Call Script
“Hi ___, thanks for spending a few minutes with me this afternoon. I was just reviewing Portland’s market stats this morning and what I found is unbelievable…

Portland’s home sellers had 750 price reductions last week alone- that is a 80% INCREASE over this time last year! What that tells me is that 750 home sellers are desperate to get offers before the holidays…

Seriously, no one lowers their price in mid-September unless they want to sell before winter! What that means to me is that the market is about to offer some incredible discounts!!

I wanted to connect because I am blocking out the next week to help my clients find unbelievable deals! Are you interested in buying a great home at an amazing price?”


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