Happy New Year!

Wait, what? That’s crazy.. is it? We all have exactly 132 days left in 2019- that may seem like a lot however the reality is our daily activities, schedule and habits NOW are what will set up and shape our 2020. So often agents set their yearly goals at the actual start of the year—too late! By the time you get into action, the results really don’t show up for about 90 days- you’re already into the second quarter and likely behind goal! Start your new year NOW!

A Harvard Business School study found that only 3% of graduates had their goals written down, that 3% ended up earning 10x more than the other 97% put together, just 10 years after graduation. What can we learn from this? It’s pretty obvious…

The purpose of a goal is the plan it creates.

Take action:
Write down a wildly outrageous measurable goal for your business next year now- today. Then simply work backwards and create the plan with targets for each month, week and day that will give you the greatest likelihood of achieving that big goal. Then put it on your calendar. Don’t overthink it—just write it down!

Things to consider:

  • Database- do you have one and are you consistently communicating with it?
  • Org chart- Whether or not you have a team, understand that each agent’s business has an owner/buyer agent/listing agent/admin. How many of these roles are you doing? Do you need to replace yourself with a more capable consistent person in 2020 in any of these positions? Do you already have a team and if so do you need to “top grade talent?” Do you have the team in place that will take you to the NEXT LEVEL? Remember- every pro sports team does this every season to have the best odds of winning a championship.
  • Leads- do you have enough leads to hit your 2020 goals? If not, consider ramping up lead generation FSBO, opens, door knocking, etc, client appreciation events, a database system that reminds your personal sphere/ past clients “consistently” to think of you when they think buying/selling
  • Skills- do you convert the leads you do have? Do you sell your listings fast and for the most money possible? Do your buyers beat out other offers? Do you get referrals and more business from the business you have? Where do you need to improve your skills and who can help you?
  • Habits/mindset- who do you need to become or what do you need to learn to have a bigger business in 2020? Do you truly believe you can hit your goals? Who is holding you accountable and helping to keep you on track?

Schedule your 2020 business planning advance/ retreat now. This should be at least a half day where you identify ACTION steps with targets to increase the odds of you hitting your goals. After you create the goals and the plan start working on it immediately and by January 1st you will be in momentum, you will have worked out the kinks, and built muscle memory. Results will start showing up at the START of the year, and now, you have a full 12 months to achieve your 2020 goal.

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