How well do you know your database?

Did you know that only 30% of your business comes from lead generation alone? 
So, how do we get that other 70% of our business??
That is the BIG BIG question!

You HAVE to work your pipeline/database… that’s right, 70% of your business will come from long term LEAD FOLLOW-UP!
Agents who are successful at this use their database to track potential clients making notes and setting reminders to stay in touch.
How do they do that?  

When they meet a potential client they immediately add them to their database.
And what else…
         …Add notes about their motivation which they determine through leading questions.
         …Add a reminder for appropriate check in’s.
…Continue this process long term!

The leading questions/answers tell you a lot about what the buyer is looking for. Are they dog lovers and like the neighborhood for walks, have they looked into the schools for their kids, or did their work bring them to the area? Keeping notes on these items help you to come back to the conversation over and over to build until that client is ready to do business and naturally you are their agent.

Looking for ideas on how to keep the conversation going?

FORD is a great acronym to accomplish finding out their motivators:

As you discover each of these, add them to your database, and when you pull them up in the future you’ll remember who they are and what they are all about keeping the relationship alive, personal and way beyond just transactional. This is the key and the answer to that BIG BIG question because in the long run these will be the clients that close with you, the returning clients and the ones that refer you, therefore sustaining your business and helping it grow.

We found this to be very similar to a high official or CEO needing his/her assistant to know/remember everyone for them at a cocktail party. Enjoy the video below for a perfect example of this. Is your database the “Anne” for you, the “Meryl? “

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