Listing Best Fits Script


Do you have a bunch of old leads that you lost communication with? When you get a listing, identify the leads that you know are looking for a property in the area or in the price range of your new listing.

Do you have a go to script?

Here is our go-to “Best Fits” Script:

Hi__, at some point in the past you spoke with my real estate team or registered on our website ________. We have a new listing about to hit the market, located at ___. Our notes indicate this home might be a match with what you are looking for and I wanted to share it with you before we open it up to the general public, are you still considering buying a home?


Follow up text if you leave a voicemail:
*If you don’t have a phone number – send via email.
Hi ____, it’s ___ with ____ in [city], I just left you a message about a great home not yet on the market you might be interested in. Take a listen and let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,

[Your name]

Pro Tip: Have listing info in front of you!

The true win behind this script is the value it creates for the lead/buyer you are calling. They recognize you are a specialist that is in the “know” and actively seeking out opportunities for them. It is a great way to show buyers just how hard you work for your clients and how you truly go above and beyond.

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