Obsess Over Your Pipeline!

Real estate sales nationwide are down. Whether you historically sell 12 homes a year or 100 homes a year, less sales means less income to feed your business and family, this can truly test whether real estate can continue to remain your career.

But what if you didn’t have to be one of the agents who’s business dropped. What if you turned up your intentions daily and stayed focused and OBSESSED on how you can win. With less sales, agents will be forced out of the market and the opportunity to scoop up more market share will be there.

If you want to succeed in real estate, obsess in the following ways:

  1. Obsess over your clients: Stay focused on your A clients, obsessing over how you can win for them. Ensure they are A’s first – if they are not move them to the appropriate category.
  2. Obsess over your pipeline: Pipeline are those who are not an A but also more than just a lead.. obsess over where these people are in their journey and what value you can provide them to move them closer to A status.
  3. Obsess over your leads: Obsess over the lead you received this morning, last week, and last year. Add them to your CRM, add notes, set reminders, follow up, track their activity and convert them. NEVER lose them.
  4. Obsess over your skill: Practice scripts, role play, research stats and never stop learning about your market and improving your knowledge.
  5. Obsess over your time: You have to be strategic and intentional, identify the motivation of each client or lead and treat them accordingly. Put yourself in the best position to sell a house daily if you don’t have A clients, go find more leads and put your intentions into converting them. This is not the time to get lazy or hope things get better/easier. Get out and make it happen.

If you are looking for more insight on how to “obsess over your business” contact us for a free coaching call so we can strategize with you!

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