Repeat Business

As you review 2022 goals vs actual and plan for 2023 go back a few more years to see what your business has done (or not done) through the COVID years.

What we are finding with many agents is that a lot of business is being left on the table.

A main source of business for most agents is sphere and past clients. But what we are seeing is that the actual number of transactions for many agents in these categories is going down unit wise… And this may not be clearly noticeable as many agents have had an overall increase in business over the last couple years- the total number of transactions continues to grow but the number from these 2 large sources of business has shrunk.

1. Pull closed units by source for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Did you used to sell more homes to your met database pre-pandemic?

Many are finding that yes, they did – and it isn’t because we know less people or have less past clients now than we did in previous years. The reason is the pandemic changed the way many of us did business. We stopped doing client events, in person pop-bys, and other relationship building / maintaining activities. Initially, we likely cut costs and probably cut back on a few mailers, gifts, etc. to save money. Then, when things picked up in real estate after the initial pandemic slow down we were too busy with new business to get back to those old activities. Let a few years go by and here we are.. closing more units because of the boom in business but seeing our previously very strong legs of sphere and past client business suffer.

The added boom in pandemic business and additional sources that worked well for you throughout those years is something to be proud of – but should be in addition to your consistent core business you generate predictably year after year from continued fostering of relationships.

What did you cut back on, or stop doing that you need to bring back in 2023 to build up your core business?

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