Season of Change

Just like the year has its four seasons, the real estate world has its own ups and downs. What works for you in one market season might not fly in another. Most real estate agents figure this out the hard way – thinking that the same tasks all year round will produce the same outcome. However, your business has different seasons, and that means you’ve got to change up how you do things day-to-day – your tasks, your systems, and what you prioritize.

What season are you in right now? What habits does that season require?

If you’re currently struggling to secure business, take a step back and think about your daily routine. Do you really need to be out there showing houses to people who aren’t all that motivated to buy? Or should you be hitting the phones all day to find those eager buyers?
Note: Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that staying super busy means you’re being productive. Sometimes, it’s the opposite and can actually hurt your business.

So, ask yourself this: What are you doing to adapt to the current market and the state of your business? 

Autumn and winter carry a symbolic message of introspection and transformation. Utilize this season to contemplate your business’s needs, embrace the need for adaptation, and welcome this change with a commitment to learning and unwavering resilience.

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