THIS door knocking script finds the motivated!

Do you have a listing that recently received multiple offers?

If you did, GREAT! Listings are gold in today’s market.

On the flip side, and maybe pertains to more of you, have you recently represented a buyer who wrote an offer on a house and was beat out due to multiple offers?

Yep .. happens often!

This script works both ways to get you MORE LISTINGS!!!!

Why? Because you are valid.

Here’s what to do – remember just adapt based on whether it is your listing or your buyer.


  1. Lose in a multiple offer situation 😢
  2. Make 50 copies of your losing offer (front page should suffice) black out confidential info (other agents name and company, buyer/seller last name, signatures).
    1. What you should be left with is: Address, Price, Date the offer was signed, you as an agent, buyer/seller first names.
  3. Knock!!
  4. “Hello Homeowner! I’m Craig Reger with XYZ Realty. You probably noticed the home for sale down the street. I’m here to tell you that it already SOLD with multiple offers. I know this because my buyer (hold up a copy of your offer) made an excellent offer on the home and lost out. They are sad, they want to live on your street!! Have you thought about selling? Do you know of any neighbors who may be interested?
  5. The homeowner actually tells you who may want to sell – “the Johnson’s down the street are getting a job transfer,” “the Smith’s just had another baby and need more space…”
  6. Go list a house!


Why does this work so much better than normal door knocking? Because you are VALID. You have something neighbors can’t find on Zillow or Redfin and you have a real buyer who just wrote a great offer the other day on a home in their neighborhood. If there is any thought of selling they are going to talk with you.

We have had clients all over the country use this EXACT plan of action and get real listings immediately. It works! All you have to do is put in the work.

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