Top 5 AHA’s

If you aren’t currently enrolled in Vision to Reality you are missing out… as we finish out the final couple days of our 10 day series we wanted to share with you what has been identified as the TOP 5 AHA’s so Far!” Which one can you put into action immediately to change your business forevermore?

  1. The foundation you build now needs to support your 5-year vision. Get clarity on who you want to be, where you want to be and what you want to be 5 years from now. Then work backwards. Take the first step towards that goal today and always make decisions in alignment with that 5 year vision.
  2. Google Reviews: First, provide such an incredible experience you get the 5-star review. Second, interact with the review – this moves you up on google.
  3. Buyers want the easy button. Compare your interactions with buyers to that of Uber’s interaction with a consumer. Your expectation as the consumer is click a button, make it happen, make it fast and make it easy. It’s time to re-work our converting systems to match consumers expectations in today’s market.
  4. Tie your goal to your ‘why.’ It can be a grind to push forward towards your goal each day. But when you tie that goal to your ‘why’ it becomes so much easier. Sometimes we don’t want to have the hard conversations we know we need to have to get to our goals, sometimes we don’t want to put in the time, or the prospecting. But, when it’s tied to your ‘why’– “I want to send my kid to college” or “take the family on a trip” or “buy a home of my own” all of a sudden those hard conversations become a little easier because you know if you just have 1 or 2 more price reduction calls, those listings will sell and you will have the funds to accomplish your ’why.’
  5. 5-star experiences are created through effective, replicatable systems. Creating systems around pivotal moments in a transaction and anticipating a client’s wants and needs will create an experience that is far beyond transactional producing reviews, referrals and repeat business. Start by identifying these pivotable moments and what may go wrong or need clarity, then proactively through templated touches anticipate the moment and need before they happen.

If these “aha’s” sound like they’d work in your business let us know! We’d be happy to schedule a free coaching consultation to personalize how these concepts can best work for you and your business and see if a coach may be just what your 2023 business plan is in need of.

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