Utilize Social Media

As a real estate agent in 2023, social media is essential because it can help establish a more personable and approachable online presence, which can lead to stronger connections with clients. When done correctly, your social media content will grab and retain the attention of past, present, and future clients, expand your reach (and your revenue!), and help brand you as the go-to agent in your market.

Six tips to use social media to the fullest:

  1. Share Wins: Share your personal and professional achievements, both big and small. Did you beat out multiple offers for your clients to secure their dream home? SHARE IT!
  2. Expertise and Credibility: Even when discussing personal interests, tie them back to your role as an agent. For instance, if you’re a wine enthusiast, you could discuss wine cellars in homes.
  3. Professional Insights: Use your personal experiences as a way to provide insights into the real estate industry. Share stories that showcase your problem-solving skills, negotiation tactics, or market analysis. This demonstrates your value as a skilled professional.
  4. Educational Content: Share tips for buyers and sellers, explain complex real estate concepts, and offer advice for navigating the market. This reinforces your role as an expert.
  5. Personal Interests and Hobbies: If you’re passionate about something outside of real estate, such as cooking, hiking, or painting, sharing these aspects of your life can make you more relatable, interesting, and human! This will help people connect with you on a deeper level.
  6. Community Involvement: Highlight your involvement in the local community. Share about local events, charities you support, or initiatives you’re a part of. This shows that you’re not just a real estate agent, but also a community member who cares about the area.

Remember that being personable on social media doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism. It’s about finding the right balance between showcasing your human side while still maintaining your expertise and credibility as a real estate professional. By incorporating these personal touches into your social media strategy, you can build stronger relationships and foster trust with your audience.

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