Ways to Win


Real estate agents thrive off the win. Let’s be honest – maybe we got into this business because we love houses, or people, or what we thought would be a flexible schedule… but we stay because of that sheer joy we get when we win and get to share that win with our client. Winning the client, the house, the listing, the negotiation… in each of these scenarios there is a mindset and a systematic way to win. Let’s break it down.

Winning the client: People want to be heard. They don’t care about your fancy logo, or your awards – they care about getting the house of their dreams, selling for top dollar, navigating their buy/sell with ease, and whatever else they think is important. Listen to their needs, understand them, and then use systems and intentionally deliver to those needs.

Winning the listing: Once again – the seller has things they want, expect, and are looking for in an agent. Ask what those are and explain how you can deliver to those. We advocate asking this question before the listing appointment – then preparing for how you will answer so you are not having to think on the fly.

Winning the house: Often it’s exactly what is uncomfortable to do that wins the house.. because others are uncomfortable with it too. Talk with your buyer (remember it’s all about what is important to them) and let them know what they can do – that some of these options are uncomfortable (waiving inspections, covering appraisal gap, etc) and it is their choice what they choose to do. You are there to guide them on what the options are and recommendations – they get to pick from those options. Educate yourself on the various ways to win (earnest money, down payment, raising price, repair caps, appraisal gaps, etc) what it takes in these categories to standout, and how to articulate this to your buyer.

The one thing that rings true through all of this is understanding others needs and wants and being the expert in helping them achieve just that. You might love the feeling of the win – but the true winning is when the client feels the win.


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