What is Takes to Convert

How many times do you call or reach out to a lead before giving up due to their unresponsiveness? Do you take into account the possibility that they didn’t pick up or respond because it was a bad time, they’re busy working, or dealing with their day-to-day life? 

And, how many times have you called a ton of old/unresponsive leads and heard “oh, no thank you we already bought a home”…

Interesting Follow-Up Statistics:

  • Did you know that when an agent calls a lead 6 times in 6 days they will get a pick-up or a call back 90% of the time by that 6th call?
  • Most agents who do lead follow up or lead generation, only call a lead twice.

Don’t give up that easily. Some leads may be unresponsive, but remember, they inquired or showed interest in buying or selling a home, which means they will be ready at some point. When they are ready, don’t you want them to think of you?
Challenge: Go back into your database, sort by last follow up/call/note, and start calling to re-engaging those people. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many people will pick up, start a conversation with you, and are willing to get back out there.

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