What is your job?

As a real estate agent, what is your job? What is your mission to accomplish each day? …Sell houses!

Every day your job is to sell a house. If you don’t sell a house you don’t get paid.

Is it feasible to sell a house everyday? For most of us, no..

What’s your job if you don’t or can’t sell a house today? Put yourself in a position to sell a house tomorrow.

How do you do that?

  • Pick up the phone
  • Reach out to old leads
  • Provide value to your database
  • Contact current clients for referrals
  • Find the opportunity of the market…

You’ve heard most of these before.. I hope. And ideally you have committed to a plan or system to keep leads flowing in…

How well are you executing this plan?

How often do you end the day exhausted not having sold a house that day and not having put yourself in a position to sell a house tomorrow?

Sure, there are the logistics to get done and of course that takes time – but it shouldn’t take all your time (if it does, you need to look at adding leverage or re-evaluating your efficiency and how you systematize your day). EVERY DAY, that you choose to work, you either sell a house or you put emphasis and effort into getting yourself in a position to sell a house tomorrow.

The above bullets are simply ideas. It’s your business, you choose the strategies you use – at RCC we are creating a heavy emphasis on finding the opportunities of the market.

  • Find your buyer that home that’s been sitting on the market with ugly carpet, mismatched fixtures and the classic 90’s white tile counters. AND NEGOTIATE THEM A HECK OF A DEAL!!
  • Call up your upper end or luxury buyers and share with them that for the first time ever (that we can remember) jumbo loan rates are LOWER than conforming rates.
  • Strategize with seller prospects that are sulking in the “missed the market” message the media is putting out on how yes, perhaps if they sold in March they would have made $300k and today it’s going to be $260k – but oh my goodness, you made $260k for owning a home for 3 years – THIS IS A WIN!!

Be clear on your mission as a business owner in the field of real estate.

1. Sell a house today
2. Put yourself in a position to sell a house tomorrow

Find the opportunities you are willing to work.

1. Know the opportunities
2. Script how to share them
3. Reach out with the good news

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