Your Will to Win

Each one of us in our career attaches a price tag to our determination to succeed. At some juncture, be it during a period of triumph or when grappling with failure, we may decide to stop, alter our course, or even lose motivation entirely. Within the realm of your real estate business, you establish a figurative “goal” or a price tag, and once that objective is achieved or when you encounter a sufficient number of roadblocks, you may choose to bring your efforts to a close. This phenomenon is deeply rooted in human psychology — whether consciously or subconsciously, we determine the price at which we are willing to conclude our pursuit of ‘victory’ (whatever that may look like for you).

In other words, many agents establish a value for their determination to succeed. This means that, when faced with a considerable amount of pain, adversity, or rejection, most people will eventually yield and trade away their desire to succeed when the cost becomes unmanageable, when the sacrifice becomes overwhelming, or when the rejections become unbearable.

This phenomenon is a subtle threat that causes people to backslide towards average and move further away from possible achievements. It is essential to be wary of this mindset. Avoid submitting to your own wins or believing that you have reached your destination. In truth, you have never truly arrived. When you wrap your mind around this ideology, you will master consistent success throughout your real estate career.

As we approach a new year, predetermine your terms and conditions with yourself (business, life, mindset), which will prevent the potential loss of motivation. Make the decision that your determination to ‘succeed’ cannot be compromised by either failure or success!

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