Position Yourself for 2024

As the holiday season unfolds and many agents are winding down, there’s a unique opportunity for those who are truly committed to a successful new year. While others may be checking out mentally, now is the perfect time to seize the moment and lay the groundwork for a powerful start to 2024.

As we approach the middle of December, people are focused on celebrating the holiday’s with their family, hosting friends and family, looking forward to the time off from work to catch up on to-do list items that have been sitting on their list for months.

With all that being said, there is a small window of opportunity to have as many conversations as you can these next 10 days to share wins, value, and get people excited to talk to you in the new year. 

Example Call Script: “Hi Susie, this is [your name], your real estate agent, I know that you are probably pretty busy with the holidays coming up… I have great news to share with you about the market and my predictions for the new year…..

[share wins, gold bars about the market]….

With that being said, lets carve out 20 minutes in January to meet and discuss your goals and devise a plan to make that happen. How does January 15th at 1pm or 4pm work for you?”. 

Instead of letting conversations fizzle out, leverage the holiday spirit to be proactive and get a plan in place now for January. By proactively setting up follow-up meetings, you position yourself ahead of the curve to have a very successful Q1 of 2024.

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