Provide Value

Providing value to your past, present, and future clients is crucial to building a successful and sustainable business. If you aren’t providing value then you are likely providing a very transactional experience. A great way to provide value is by systematically studying and then interpreting the market numbers. Here’s what that can look like.

  1. Pull numbers in your area weekly (New Listings, Pendings, Solds, Back on Market, Price Reductions).
  2. Stay consistent – do this EVERY WEEK.
  3. Study the change. Whether it is week over week, month over month or year over year, review the numbers and draw conclusions.
  4. Share! Intentionally reach out to your past, present, and future clients to share what you are seeing in the market and what this means.

Below is an example of how this all comes together. By consistently pulling numbers (or spending a little time going back and finding the numbers) it is easy to see what the market is doing and create a simple touch to send out to your database.



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