World Famous Mini- CMA

Our World Famous Mini – CMA!

Well, maybe it isn’t “world famous” but it certainly should be!

Are you ever on the phone with a prospect, but just can’t quite get them to say yes to the appointment and allow you to come over? Of course you add them to your database and continue following up. But, what if you did a mini CMA?

Script: “Mr Seller, I understand you aren’t ready to sell until (next year, higher price, etc). How about this, I don’t have to come over – I have what I need here to run a quick market analysis and can let you know an approximate value for the home. It will be a bit of a range but I am more accurate than Zillow! And if the number is something you’d like to refine or discuss further that’s great, and if not – that’s ok too -at least now you have a good idea of what your largest asset is worth.
Let me get your email address and I can send that over to you!”

(now you have full contact info for your database!)

How to do the mini – CMA: (Hint! this should take less than 5 minutes). Simply pull: Street, Elementary school – and a close range to year built, square footage and lot size.

Call the lead back: “Mr Seller, as promised I am following up with you on the value of your home. Now, keep in mind I have not seen your home and this is a range – but it looks like your home is worth somewhere in the $xxx-$xxx range. How do you feel about that number?”

“If this number interests you – I am happy to come over and get that range a little more dialed in – when works for you, Tuesday at 3p or Saturday at noon?”

Always add the value range to your notes in your database. Whether you get the appointment, the listing, or just an opportunity to stay in touch that number is something you will base future conversations off of.

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