Repeat Business

As you review 2022 goals vs actual and plan for 2023 go back a few more years to see what your business has done (or not done) through the COVID years. What we are finding with many agents is that a lot of business is being left on the table. A main source of business for most agents is sphere and past clients. But what we are seeing is that the actual number of transactions for many agents in these categories is going down unit wise… And this may not be clearly noticeable as many agents have had an overall…

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Buckle Down

What is your market doing, how is your business specifically, and what is your focus? It’s Q4 – and most of the efforts you do (or don’t do) now will shape 2023- yes, we know about 10-day close, cash buyers.. but that aside, most business opportunities you seek now will be 2023 paychecks. You need to seek out leads (lead gen), sift through to find the motivated (lead follow up) guide them through the buying or selling process, get into escrow and close, throw in a few holidays and that’s a 60–90-day process at best. But the market is “different”…

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Gold Bars

As RCC coach, Chase Craig said in this video, you must make the switch from asking for $$ to offering value: gold bars. So how can you give gold bars? 1. Find value. Real estate is exciting, people want to hear about it – better yet, they want to hear how they can benefit from it. Study your market and find the opportunities. The below is a graph of Portland MLS numbers year over year. There are some clear differences this year over last year worth sharing… 2. Share the opportunity. Call your leads, clients you’ve lost touched with – or anyone…

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