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Focusing on our Database!

Our efforts in the days to come will directly impact our close out of 2019 and of course set up of 2020. We have decided as a team to focus on our past clients/sphere of influence daily. We can and will chase FSBOs, Expireds, etc. and I see no need to do so without first re-engaging our sphere at the highest level. Strategies/scripts we are immediately incorporating: Learn to be an investor &/or 1031 exchange your current investment property seminar on 11/4. We are working with our local 1031 exchange company/title partners/lenders to zero-base our cost for an offsite event…

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Set up Your Buyer Consults for SUCCESS! 

Tired of No-Shows, Unmotivated or Unqualified Buyers? Of the appointments you schedule, do you know how many you actually keep? And of those that you keep, how many do you convert to actual business? (If you don’t know these stats, you should- and that’s for another week…) Here are 3 EASY Steps to Set Up Each Buyer Appointment For Success! 1.PREQUALIFY! We relentlessly pre-qualify every single buyer and listing appointment…. ALWAYS. It goes like this— Through the course of the conversation (typically a phone call or email/ text exchange) we are asking very pointed questions to learn more about the…

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Happy New Year!

Wait, what? That’s crazy.. is it? We all have exactly 132 days left in 2019- that may seem like a lot however the reality is our daily activities, schedule and habits NOW are what will set up and shape our 2020. So often agents set their yearly goals at the actual start of the year—too late! By the time you get into action, the results really don’t show up for about 90 days- you’re already into the second quarter and likely behind goal! Start your new year NOW! A Harvard Business School study found that only 3% of graduates had…

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